1. “1+1” campaign

Mr.Bee announces the “1+1” campaign!

So that, you will receive a 140 gr Linden honey gift while buying 900 gr honey (Linden, Mountain or May honey).

To get benefits of campaign:

1. Visit www.mrbee.az site, choose one of the Linden, Mountain or May honey products (900 gr) and add to cart;
2. Enter the promo code in Coupon or Ulduzum code section on quick order page, given below:

3. After filling proper fields, checking your order confirm it and receive the GIFT!

2. 10 % discount with Ulduzum!

Mr.Bee introduces the chance of buying all honey and beekeping products with 10% discount by using Ulduzum code to Bakcell users.

For the campaign:

1. Get Ulduzum code (*5555#Yes);

2. Add that code to Coupon or Ulduzum code section on quick order page on www.mrbee.az site.

3. After filling proper fields check your order and confirm it.