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Kercom ( company currently is engaged in production and sales of honey and beekeping products. Starting from 2015 the company is represented by the Mr.Bee brand.

Our production activity allows to offer a wide range of both honey and beekeeping products to the market. It should be noted that, along with widespread spices (Linden, Mountain, May honey) honey products also include rare types of honey (Chestnut, Hawthorn, Whitespace and Thyme honey). Beekeping products include Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen, etc.

Mr.Bee honey and beekeping products are gathered from the North-Western Azerbaijan regions. Kercom LLC has the packaging enterprise in Absheron peninsula.

The company has close partnership relations with several domestic Supermarket Networks (Araz, Spar, Bravo, Fresco, Rahat, Port Baku Bazar Supermarket Networks and Safa Supermarket.) and owns totally about 70 sales points in Azerbaijan.

Especially we would like to mention, one of the main principles of the company is quality and naturalness. In this direction, the company has different quality certificates (certificate of Compliance and Hygiene) and laboratory analysis. Implementing export operations is the main indication of the quality of our products.

Kercom LLC closely participates in the projects, implementing in order to encourage the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand and expand country’s export potensial. Our brand was welcomed with great interest in "East Invest-2", "Ready to Export", “4th European Partnership Business Forum” projects and "Gulfood - 2017", "International Green Week - 2017" fairs.