Honey - is a food product with no terms of storage or expiry date, and having more than 40 types. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, containing unlimited healing properties in itself.

Color and flavor of honey depend on the composition of flowers and herbs including itself.

Contains 13-20% water, more than 80% carbohydrate, 0.4% protein, 0.3% ash. Furthermore, it is also rich in organic acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.


Vitamins - B, C, E and K vitamins
Minerals - glucose, fructose, iron, copper, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus, silicon, aluminum, cobalt, nickel (amount of mineral substances in honey -% 0.02- 1.0%)
Calories - 304 calories per 100 grams


Gives energy, eliminates muscle pain, fatigue and insomnia.
Useful in the treatment of wounds and scars. (Spread on the wound, bandage is changed every 24 hours)
Spread on the small sized burns, it does not allow infection to spread by preventing the growth of microbes and bacterias in the area. 
Prevents overweight due to the enzymes that it contains within the dosage (Honey diet)
Eliminates problems with the digestive system, ulcers and gastritis, constipation, gastrointestinal flatulence.
Improves the immune system, regulates level of sugar in blood, increases the blood of patients with anemia.
Useful for gum disease, cough infections and sore throat.
Strengthens the heart by expanding the blood vessels, useful for heart palpitations, high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases.
Useful to fight against paralysis, especially prevents the paralysis of the face.
Reduces the risk of cancer.
Boosts resistance against poisoning.
Prevents backache if it is eaten with cumin.
Strongly affects cold, if it is eaten with lemon.
When mixed with milk, it stops pains.
When mixed with cinnamon, it increases immunity, improves concentration and mobility, reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood, improves breathing, strengthens the heart muscles, used in the treatment of chronic arthritis, treats hair loss, skin diseases (eczema, fungal or skin infections), chronic cough, toothache, bad smell of mouth, flu, fever, hearing loss, stomach and bone cancer.
Improves visual abilities, as well as makes an effective impact against "dry eye syndrome" disease, redness and itching.
Honey is the perfect tool in the treatment of alcoholism, neutralizes alcohol.


General - It is prohibited for allergic people and children under 1 year of age.

Due to dosage - Eating more than 6-7 teaspoonful of honey a day may lead to stomach cramps, excess weight and diarrhea. Containing plenty amount of fructose may decrease the amount of vitamins and minerals of foods you take, by being as an obstacle to foods to be digest in the small intestine. If you eat more than 6-7 teaspoonful of honey in a day for a long time, you could experience vitamin and mineral deficiency.

For Infants - The bacteria called "Clostridium" which honey contains, may lead to the "botulism" which is a very serious food poisoning. That is why, it should not be given to infants. Symptoms such as muscle weakness, difficulty in sucking milk, or constipation indicate botulism.